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Approaching Canadian Permanent Residence as a Student

Prepare for Permanent Residence even before you arrive

What to do as soon as you arrive in Canada

Focus on jobs where the PR regulation of skilled work does not apply


Up to date on Immigration Regulations

Working on PR from the day you land and before!

Prepare for requirements which can be completed even before you leave your home country. Some of them are:

Obtain Police clearance from your home country, initiate police clearance of any country you have lived outside of your home country
Example, if you lived in Dubai and you are a Sri Lankan Citizen, obtain both police clearance from Sri Lanka and UAE
Do your credential evaluations of your education in your home Country. This is a good practice. Sometimes delays could go against you. This is especially important if you have work experience in your home country and you may qualify under FSW program
Language course and materials may be cheaper in your home country. If you are a student, you may have done IETLS Academic, but for Permanent Residence, you will need IETLS General. Focus on language even before you arrive in Canada. It helps

Immediately after you arrive: For those on general occupations

If you have taken a general course like Hospitality or Business, manage your employment even as a student. Find the right employer who you think will find your work invaluable

Improve your performance and work with your employer and identify areas of improvement and ask your employer how you could get a promotion.

What is your idea of skilled work?

Decide on your pathway and proceed with a strategic approach.

Capitalize on jobs related to Seniors and People with high medical needs, and children

New programs for Permanent Residence

No need for skilled work

Super-Fast processing

Language is very important.

Improve your English if you do not have a 7.5 score in IELTS

Have Canadian friends! The best way to pick up the language is to have friends who speak the language well

Always practice language tests and improve your scores.

Be up to date with Immigration Regulations

Visit the CIC web site! Federal programs are well described there

Don’t misinterpret terms. Work permit holders typically means LMIA related work permits

Subscribe to the Student Herald – Their Monthly subscription is free

Don’t Ignore PNP’s. PNP holds good promise for Permanent Residence

Don’t ignore PNP’s of other provinces

Join a Preparedness Program

Come for TSH Immigration Seminars

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