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This is Joy Stephen, RCIC, a regulated immigration practitioner. This news clip is coming to you from The Student Herald. I am here at the Polinsys Studios and Library at Cambridge, Ontario.

Recently we have seen several changes to the Express Entry selection and also to the CRS points. In today’s video clip we will discuss one more new factor of selection in the CRS points: Date of application.

Date of application becomes relevant especially if there are multiple candidates in the cut-off point and the number of people selected is fixed. Example, if the selection or ITS’s issued is for 3800 candidates, and if the cut of point is 410, and there are multiple people with 410 points which could exceed the 3800 selection quota, then IRC would resort to selecting candidates based on when they applied. Candidates who applied earlier would have a better chance of being selected.

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This is joy Stephen from the Polinsys Studios here in Cambridge Ontario, signing off! Adios!

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