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This is Joy Stephen, RCIC, a regulated immigration practitioner. This news clip is coming to you from The Student Herald and it is taped here at the Polinsys Studios and Library at Cambridge, Ontario.

Recently we have seen several changes to the Express Entry selection and also to the CRS points. In today’s video clip we will discuss the introduction of more flexible application process as of June 6 for creating a job profile in the Job Bank

Effective June 6, Express Entry Candidates no longer have to apply to the Job Bank to have their profile valid for selection. Until June 6, if you don’t have a job offer or if you do not have a PNP, you will have to have registered with the Job Bank to gain entry into the Express Entry pool. This is no longer mandatory.

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This is joy Stephen from the Polinsys Studios here in Cambridge Ontario, signing off! Adios!

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