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For students from developing countries like India and Philippines, venturing into the outside world is a brave step, but one that can change your life. You can’t put a price on the experience of studying in a different country with students from different cultures. Universities in developing countries can’t compete with the quality of education you can receive elsewhere around the globe, and your job prospects will soar with an internationally recognized degree.

Until recently, overseas education was considered something for students from wealthy families, and based mainly around the quality of education and gaining culture. Today, study abroad offers so much more. In certain countries, your studies can lead to permanent residence opportunities. With a little help from an experienced professional, students can choose the perfect education pathway leading to a career and residency in a new country.

Canada is one of the hottest destinations for immigrants. This is because of its proximity to the United States, its size, the multicultural environment it offers, and the benefits to residents. Canada is also seen in the world as a neutral country with clout. Immigration agents play a key role in popularizing Canada with countries like India and The Philippines. Canada is a leader when it comes to providing permanent residency opportunities for foreign students through the federal Canadian Experience Class program and several provincial programs.

Other countries to consider include Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as many countries around Europe and in the Caribbean. It’s important to understand the immigration laws and job opportunities in your chosen destination before committing to moving. Permanent residency depends on gaining employment in your skilled profession after study, so it’s crucial that students understand the opportunities in the different regions of Canada, as well as the cultures and geographies. You may want to watch the following 4 videos specially made for students who are seeking to come to Canada. If you would like more information and would like a Canadian company to obtain your admissions, and support you in your visa application to come to Canada, you may want to ask for more information by filling up the form below!

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Must watch following videos

Study in Canada Series 1:
Why Study in Canada? Permanent Residence opportunities? Earning potential? What is the Return on Investment? Is Canada a good destination for the middle class family?

Study in Canada Series 2
Who should you Choose as your Education advisor? An education agent outside Canada or an Education and Immigration Consultant from Canada? · Overseas Education Advisors can make or break you! Select them carefully!

Study in Canada Series 3
Know about immigration regulations for Students, How to get Permanent Residence · Apply through a Canadian based authorized representative, to take care of your Permanent Residence needs

Study in Canada Series 4
Avoid pitfalls before and after going to Canada, avoid common mistakes to immigrate to Canada · Study only in Community college or Universities in Canada to be sure of after study work permit or Stay back

Study in Canada Series 5
Agent’s Exclusive programs with Canadian Institutions