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This is Joy Stephen, RCIC, a regulated immigration practitioner. This news clip is coming to you from The Student Herald. I am here at the Polinsys Studios and Library at Cambridge, Ontario.

Recently we have seen several changes to the Express Entry selection and also to the CRS points. In today’s video clip we will discuss new points being introduced on June 6 for additional knowledge of FRENCH.

Effective June 6, Express Entry Candidates who are bilingual, with knowledge of English and French, and if their French knowledge is high, they are likely to earn 15 or 30 additional CRS points. If you have CLB 7 or better in French and CLB 4 or better in English, you could earn an additional 15 points. However, if you have CLB 7 or better in French but you have CLB 5 or better in English, you could earn an additional 30 points. Being bilingual helps with Permanent Residence and CLB scores. Please watch my video on CLB to IELTS comparison if you want to compare how CLB scores translate to IELTS scores.

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This is joy Stephen from the Polinsys Studios here in Cambridge Ontario, signing off! Adios!

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